The Stay Golden Restaurant: Nurture yourself in our fusion restaurant

Savor culinary delights at our modern restaurant. Our menu is a harmonic blend of Sri Lankan and Western cuisine, featuring contemporary dishes with a fusion touch. Our selections range from nutritious smoothie bowls and refreshing salads to traditional seafood, rice and curry, catering to any appetite and dietary requirement throughout the day. We strive to satisfy your senses while promoting holistic well-being.

At our Stay Golden restaurant, we are committed to fresh, healthy, and sustainable ingredients. Therefore, we proudly support our local community by sourcing ingredients from the vibrant markets of Pottuvil, contributing to the livelihood of our region. Our menu includes a diverse selection of vegan dishes and seafood procured directly from the fishing markets of Arugam Bay. The chicken we serve comes from Rihan's Uncle's chicken farm in our area. Valuing seasonality, we ensure that dishes like mango, avocado, and calamari are only served during their peak in Sri Lanka.

Also guests from outside are warmly welcome. Thank you for dining with us!

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