Stay Golden Travels: Taxi Service in Arugam Bay and Sri Lanka

Taxi transport with Stay Golden Travels

Stay Golden Travels is our all-island taxi service in Arugam Bay. Our focus are airport transports from and to Arugam Bay. Additionally, we organize pick-ups and drop-offs all over the island for our guests. Furthermore, we are happy to give you an individual quote for a multi-day-tour in Sri Lanka.

We have been working with our driver for several years. Nizam is a local, experienced and trusted driver from Pottuvil, Arugam Bay. On a regular basis, also we as a family travel with him.

Normally, we offer a modern, air-conditioned car. In case you explicitly prefer a van, please let us know. If so, we will organize it accordingly to fulfill your wishes.

Stay Golden Travels Pricing

Transparency and quality are our values at Stay Golden Travels. Therefore, we are honest about the current situation: Due to high inflation, Covid, and the political and economic situation in the country, the taxi market is instable. That is why we could not be able to hold a price quoted now for a pickup in the future. Please contact us for an individual offer. We will confirm the price shortly before your actual trip. In case we have to modify it, we will inform you about it and do it accordingly. Thank you for your understanding.

Taxi Services in Sri Lanka

We are aware, that there are many cheap offers available online. Though, we prefer to send our guests with an experienced and local driver. That’s why we have been working with Nizam for years: Safe travels, fair salary.

Please note, that trips in Sri Lanka seem to be short based on distance. Though, most of the time, they take much longer due to bad roads and heavy traffic.

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To get an individual offer, please contact us via mail or Rihan with WhatsApp (0094774909609). You can also add an airport pickup as a service directly while booking your stay with us online.