Surfboard rental in Arugam Bay

No surfing without a surf board!

We don’t have to mention that you need a surf board for surfing. But where to rent a surf board in Arugam Bay? Here, we give you an overview of different options for surf board rental (at Stay Golden, and at surf board shops in Arugam Bay). We give you insights about surf board rental prices in town, where to buy a new surf board in Arugam Bay, and how it is to travel with a surf board in Sri Lanka.

Renting a surfboard at Stay Golden

At Stay Golden, we are a boutique hotel with pool, surf and yoga. Therefore, you can directly rent surfboards with us, too. We have a small but good collection of boards in different sizes and shapes. Funboards, shortboards, longboards, soft boards – just to mention some. As Rihan is always on buying new ones, and pre-loved boards, our collection is continuously changing, too.

Surf boards to rent, stored in a surf board rack in Arugam Bay
Some of our surfboards at Stay Golden

If you are looking for something specific, feel free to contact us before your stay to ask for the current availability. The trend here in Arugam Bay at the moment definitely goes towards bigger boards. We also have some beginner soft boards. They are perfect for your first experiences in the water. We use them for surf lessons, but you can practice on your own as well, after having learned the basics.

We don’t claim to be a surfboard shop. Instead, we are happy to share our passion with you 🙂

Surfboard shops in Arugam Bay

So, where is the best place to rent a surf board in Arugam Bay town? To be honest, there are tons of surfboard shops in Abay to rent a surf board. Especially in the high season, it feels like there is a shop on literally every corner. In case you haven’t found what you were looking for with us, Rihan is more than happy to give you a contact for a decent and trustworthy shop in the Bay.

A woman standing in front of a surf board rack checking a surf board.

In the last years, Arugam Bay became more and more popular among longboarders. Many of the boards offered for rent in the Bay are still shortboards. There are some longboards available in town, but don’t expect a big choice. Especially after the pandemic with the lack of tourism and the financial problems of the country in 2022, import of new surf boards was almost impossible. Therefore, the market is quite restricted.

There’s another point to mention: Not all the boards offered are in good condition. Be careful when renting a surfboard. Maybe take some pictures of the board at the moment you receive it. We have heard about scams, where shop owners try to make money by charging you for dings you haven’t caused.

Prices for renting a surf board

If you know you are going to stay for a minimum of a couple of days, you can negotiate for a long term rental discount. Ask directly how they deal with changing the board style during the rental.

A man surfing at peanut farm in Sri Lanka.
Rihan surfing at Peanut Farm

The average price for renting a surfboard per day is 2-6 USD, depending on the condition and the type of board. We highly recommend renting a surf board in Arugam Bay town before you go to one of the surf spots in the area. Most surf spots are quite remote with almost no infrastructure. They started to also rent out surf boards at the beaches around Arugam Bay, though, the price differs a lot from the one in town. We’ve heard about 5 USD for three hours or 2.5 USD for one hour.

Buying a new surf board in Arugam Bay

A couple of years ago, it was almost impossible to buy a new surf board in Arugam Bay. These times are over. There are some exquisite surf shops who sell great boards. Don’t expect them to be cheap, though. Especially, as mentioned above, the last years plus import bans by the government made it super hard for retailers to follow their regular business, which obviously has an impact on the pricing, too. Here are two of the main addresses for new surfboards in Arugam Bay we can recommend: Dylan’s Surf Company and Salty Swamis. Both shops are located on the Main Road of Arugam Bay.

Travelling with a surfboard in Sri Lanka
A woman with a surfboard walking at the shore of Arugam Bay beach
The beach in front of Stay Golden

Travelling in Sri Lanka is time-consuming and – if you travel by public transport – not always comfortable. Depending on the focus of your holiday (round trip with some surfing days or pure surfing holiday), renting a surfboard might be your option to go with.

In case you prefer to surf with your own board, we recommend travelling by taxi. By that, you make sure that someone takes care of your baby well. Most taxis fix the surf board bag(s) on the roof without extra charge. We also offer a taxi service. Find out more about it here.

More information on surfing in Arugam Bay

Find out more on surfing in Arugam Bay, e.g. the best time of the year for surfing (surfing overview), tips on the different surf spots of the area, and surf lessons at Stay Golden:

woman with surf board at the beach during sunrise
Stay with us at Stay Golden!

Are you stocked to jump in the water and enjoy the surf in Arugam Bay? Book your home away from home, and stay with us at Stay Golden. Here’s an overview of our rooms – and here you can check your availability:

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