Surf lessons at Stay Golden in Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is one of THE spots for surfing in Sri Lanka. If you are keen to learn surfing in Arugam Bay, here is some information for you.

Learn surfing with surf lessons at Stay Golden in Arugam Bay

We offer surf lessons with an experienced, English speaking, local surf instructor. It is a private class with a maximum of two persons with one teacher. The instructor chooses the spot based on the current conditions of nature (swell, size of waves, weather, …) and other factors like busyness in the water.

Am I the right person to take a lesson?
Surf lessons at Baby Point, Arugam Bay
Surf lessons at Baby Point

Taking surf lessons is highly recommended for everyone, who

  • has never surfed before but wants to try out
  • has surfed a little before, but it’s a long time ago, or it wasn’t that successful
  • wants to have someone on her or his side to get to know the local spots and be guided
  • is already confident on the surfboard, and ready for the next big step in progress

The area around Arugam Bay is not the easiest one to get started with surfing. Renting a board and directly jumping into the water without experience is NOT recommended. There are great spots to learn surfing around here. Though, surfing is one of the most difficult sports in the world. Without any knowledge about technique, etiquette in the water and the local distinctions of each spot (just to mention some), it might be even dangerous.

Are you wondering about surfing etiquette? Find out what it is here.

The surf lesson itself: Before it starts
A truck at a beach with surfboards on top and people around it
Surf safari to Peanut Farm

You start by talking to Rihan and setting the time with us. We recommend the morning or afternoon hours. In these times of the day, the conditions are normally the best. On top, it is not as hot yet. Still, we provide a lycra shirt for you to wear to protect your skin from the strong sun. The price includes the transport. Normally, the tuk-tuk drive to one of the surf spots is exciting already, as you pass beautiful nature. When you’re lucky, you can witness elephants in free nature, as well.

The surf lesson itself: At the beach

The lesson itself takes around 90 minutes plus transport. At the spot, our instructor explains some theory at the beach first, where you also do some dry runs on the sand. Then, you get into the water, where you are supported by the instructor. You will gain some experience of how it feels when the energy of the wave takes you to the beach, – and maybe you have already been standing!

A group of students with surf boards after a surf lesson at Baby Point, Arugam Bay.
A group of surf students
The price of a surflesson at Stay Golden

Our price for a surf lesson includes the equipment (surfboard, leash, lycra), the transport, a 1-1 or 2-1 student-instructor ratio and the teaching by a fluently English-speaking instructor. Currently, we charge 8000 LKR per person. Note that we offer discounts for a surf lesson pass (5 or more surf lessons, has to be confirmed in advance).

Surf lessons for kids

Are you travelling with your family, and your kids are keen learning to surf in Arugam Bay? We are happy to organize special surf lessons for your kids. Trying out to surf is an amazing experience for kids. They are physically more flexible than adults, and normally braver in the water. In combination with their lighter bodyweight, they normally learn to surf easier than adults. Our recommendation is that your child should know how to swim when taking a surf lesson.

More information on surfing in Arugam Bay

Here you can find an overview of the different surf spots in the Arugam Bay area. For an overview of surfing in Arugam Bay including the time of the surf season, have a look at the surfing overview. And, check out our tips for surfboard rental in Arugam Bay including surfboard rental at Stay Golden.

Stay with us at Stay Golden!
woman with surf board at the beach during sunrise

Are you stocked to jump in the water and enjoy the surf in Arugam Bay? Book your home away from home, and stay with us at Stay Golden. Main Point is only a 10 minutes beach walk away from our hotel. It’s not just perfect for sunrise surfing sessions. Here’s an overview of our rooms – and here you can check your availability:

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