The Stay Golden Restaurant Menu

The Stay Golden Restaurant menu

Are you curious about our menu? Then have a look at it here:
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Drinks Menu at Stay Golden
Drinks Menu at Stay Golden
Breakfast at Stay Golden
Breakfast at Stay Golden
Snacks at Stay Golden
Salads and Bowls at Stay Golden
Main Dishes at Stay Golden
Sri Lankan Classics at Stay Golden
Desserts at Stay Golden
A great variety for you to choose from

No matter if breakfast, lunch or dinner: The menu at the Stay Golden Restaurant in Arugam Bay offers a great variety for everyone at any time of the day!

We serve typical Sri Lankan food like rice and curry and fried rice or noodles. In addition, eat seafood prepared in the local way of Sri Lankas East Coast. As it was caught just some hours before, it’s really fresh. Or, try the garlic roti with coconut sambol and dhal – this is real Sri Lankan flavor! In case you have eaten too much rice and curry while traveling Sri Lanka: Don’t worry, we have some western options as well.

Just to mention some:

  • In the mornings, choose from porridge or muesli, smoothie bowls, omelets, toasts or pancakes. We serve real coffee with freshly ground coffee beans!
  • For lunch, you can try our healthy salads, goddess bowls, sandwiches, jaffles or homemade tomato pasta. How about a bruschetta with avocado?
  • In the evening we offer starters like spicy nuts, olives and garlic bread. Enjoy some fresh seafood with our seafood platter, pasta, rice and curry or veggie specials as a main.
  • At any time of the day, have one of our fruit juices, smoothies, cocktails, or something sweet like ice cream with homemade cookies and cakes.

At the Stay Golden Restaurant, we prepare everything fresh with regional ingredients. Additionally, we have vegetarian and vegan options in our menu.

Eating vegan at Stay Golden

The Stay Golden Restaurant is a good address for vegans travelling to Arugam Bay! Therefore, please note that we tagged all dishes that are vegan or can be modified easily to become vegan. Find us on HappyCow here.

More information on the Stay Golden restaurant in Arugam Bay

Find out more about the opening hours of the restaurant, its location and the ingredients we cook with here at the Stay Golden Eat Overview.

Real pictures, real stories

If you are interested in how our food looks like: Check out our Instagram Story Highlights and our feed for first-hand impressions of our menu at the Stay Golden Restaurant in Arugam Bay.