Yoga at Stay Golden in Arugam Bay

Step on your yoga mat with Stay Golden

Join us for Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Yin, and Yin & Yang Sessions. We offer yoga classes for all levels. You can find the latest yoga schedule here on the website or directly at the hotel in Arugam Bay (see the boards). For the latest updates follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Yoga classes

Currently, we do not offer public classes. If you would like to practice Yoga with us, please contact us to book your private class. You can message us via mail or whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram. Yoga mats, blocks, straps, and bolsters are provided.

The price per private class is 3500 LKR per person.

The shala

As we reopened the hotel in summer 2019, we practice in a brand new shala. It is at the rooftop and provides an amazing view of the beautiful nature of Arugam Bay and the sea while you are doing yoga. In addition, you only hear nature sounds like waves rolling in since we are surrounded by nature. A natural breeze supports your practice.

Please take off your shoes before stepping up to our yoga space. And don’t forget to tag us with @staygoldenarugam when you post on Instagram 🙂

About the styles

Vinyasa flow, often also called power yoga, is an active and athletic style of yoga adapted from the traditional Ashtanga style. Focus is on moving with your breath. With the heat of Arugam Bay, you will start sweating easily. It’s also the perfect complement to surfing since you flow while stretching all body parts.

Hatha yoga focuses on the basic and classical approach for asanas. On the one hand, it is about getting to know postures (for beginners). On the other hand, it is great to work on your alignment and holding the postures.

Yin yoga focuses on stretching and lengthening your deep connective tissues. The idea is that you relax your muscles and let gravity do the work. By holding postures for at least 3 minutes you also practice your patience and letting go. Especially when you tend to move all the time, Yin might be challenging. For this very reason, Yin will help you to start calming your body and mind. The mental strength you build up with Yin supports to stay focused in the water while surfing, too. To sum up, it is really enriching for everyone 🙂

In a Yin & Yang Class we first heat up the body with some Yang (Vinyasa) to calm down and let go in the Yin.

Retreats, trainings and workshops at Stay Golden

Are you a yoga teacher looking for a great place to host a retreat, training or a workshop? Contact us for individual offers with dates and an estimated amount of persons. We offer full or half board options (vegan menu available!). Send us your request to