The Story

The hotel was started in December 2011 as “Hotel Golden Beach” on family owned land by a fisherman from Pottuvil. This fisherman was the late father of the current owner Rihan who took over the business in 2014, renaming it as “Stay Golden”.

Since then the existing four cabanas have been upgraded and two new ones have been built. In spring 2017 a new beachside restaurant was opened. Although the hotel has grown and developed it has tried to stay true to its simple roots as a local business offering welcoming accommodation and tasty food to any traveller to Arugam Bay.

The Stay Golden team is made up of nine local boys. Rihan has always insisted in personally training unskilled workers from the local area and bringing them into the business. They work together closely as a team and family, with Rihan as their ‘nana’ (‘big brother’ in Tamil). His brothers Shiyas and Fayas both work in the restaurant.

Rihan is passionate about hosting. More than anything he wants you to enjoy your stay. He enjoys interacting with people from all over the world, having a chat and sharing his stories of the East Coast. He loves spicy rice and curry, spreading his good mood with a smile in the beach restaurant and going for a surf with his boys.