Stay Golden Prices for Season 2020

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All prices are 10-15% lower than and Airbnb and correspond to the room per night in US dollars including all taxes.

That means: Booking directly with us on this website guarantees you the best deal for your stay at Stay Golden in Arugam Bay!

Prices per room type, occupancy and month
Room Type
Double Rooms
(1 or 2)
Double Cabanas
(1 or 2)
Family Cabanas
(1 or 2)
Family Cabanas
Premium Cabana
(1 or 2)
Premium Cabana
(3 or 4)
Oct' 2019253035404555
Nov' 2019253035404050
Dec' 2019253035404555
Jan' 2020354045505565
Feb' 2020404550556070
Mar' 2020404550556070
Apr' 2020455055606575
May' 2020455560657080
Jun' 2020456065707585
Jul' 2020506570758595
Aug' 2020506570758595
Sep' 2020506065708090
Oct' 2020455055607080
Nov' 2020355055606575
Dec' 2020405055607080

Note: The occupancy refers to adults and children older than 2 years. Toddlers up to 2 years old are allowed to share the master bed with their parents free of extra charge.

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No reservations via phone please

Please note that we do not accept reservations or offer cheaper rates by phone. Thank you for your understanding.