We are all in this together – Corona offer at Stay Golden Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka

Special circumstances due to Corona need special offers in Sri Lanka

Since March 2020, everything seems to be different. We remember being prepared for a beautiful start of the season in April. Guests were happy, and the pool was about to finish. Then, the curfew started and the boarders were closed.

We actually don’t have to tell you the story, as we are all in it together. Though, we would like to share our reasons behind the special corona offer at Stay Golden in Sri Lanka.

First, we are hosts and made experiences with different types of travelers. Second, we are a German-Sri Lankan mixed couple and gather impressions and information from international press, Sri Lanka as well as from Germany.

What we know is that there are still people in Sri Lanka, who, when they arrived, probably did not assume to stay on the island for such a long time. Budgets might get tight. With curfews being in place, it’s not always easy to arrange food. At the same time, the island is still beautiful. Why not trying to make the best out of it?

Our vision for Stay Golden in times of Corona

So we picture Stay Golden this summer as a place for like-minded people. Let’s continue with what Stay Golden stands for: A home away from home. Under these circumstances, that means to cut down prices and open our cabanas to great people. People who understand why we do what we do, and appreciate it, too. We are here to provide you accommodation and to host you long term. Let’s create a space to connect (following the new rules of physical distancing), share, be, and maybe envision the better future together, all here together in Sri Lanka.

If you are just looking for the cheapest accommodation in Arugam Bay to stay long term, maybe we are not the right choice for you. To the contrary, we discussed and considered all options many times. This deal is what we as Stay Golden are able to offer. It’s what we understand as a fair for both sides.

If you are looking for more than just any accommodation, but a place where you can make a home – we are honored to host you.

Prices for rooms with high discounts
  • These are special prices set due to the current Corona circumstances in Sri Lanka.
  • Overall, they come with discounts up to 75% to our regular prices.
  • Please note that they correspond to room rent per night in LKR.
  • The Stay Golden website prices are around 15% cheaper than on Airbnb or Booking.com.
  • These prices are valid until further notice.
Room Type (Occupancy)per night in JULY
Double Rooms
(1 or 2)
Double Cabanas
(1 or 2)
Family Cabanas
(1 or 2)
Family Cabanas
Premium Cabana
(1 or 2)
Premium Cabana
(3 or 4)
It’s your choice: option of full board

Curfews are still on the table and become daily routine. This also restricts everyone’s possibilities to find, purchase and prepare food or to eat outside in restaurants. Therefore, we offer a full board menu with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Focus is on healthy and delicious food. Providing various options helps you to not get bored by the same dishes every day.

On top, our regular menu is also available. You can have a look at it here. Order extra or leave a day of full board out to try something different. You don’t have to commit to full board when booking. Instead, decide on a daily basis what you feel like.

Full board comes with 2000 LKR per person per day. We don’t charge extra for service in times of Corona. Mineral water is provided all day long, too.

How to book

The easiest is to book directly via our website. The best price is guaranteed.

If you still have any question, please feel free to contact us via mail or phone anytime. We are here to help.


Here’s an overview of questions we recently got asked.

  • What about surfing?
    You will find the most famous surf spot Main Point in a short 10-15 minutes walk on the beach from Stay Golden.
    During the curfew lifts, surfing was allowed so far. We do not recommend surfing when the curfew is on. It is against the rules, and we do not take responsibility in case of misbehavior from your side.
    For other surf spots, you need to get transport. We haven’t heard of anyone surfing at the other spots yet and don’t know if it’s possible.
    Find out more about surfing in and around Arugam Bay here.
  • Do you still run yoga classes?
    So far, we didn’t offer any yoga classes. As Angie is our resident teacher, and she is always here, we are flexible. Additionally, we are also open to other guests teaching (in case they are yoga teachers). Meanwhile, the yoga shala is available for your own practice any time.
  • Is the restaurant also open during curfews?
    Of course, our main goal by providing full board is, that you do not have to worry about food. Hence, our restaurant is open every day. So far, we were very blessed to be able to purchase everything we need. Though, some items are not transported to Pottuvil, e.g. Avocados. Thanks for your understanding in case some items are not available.
  • Is there a community kitchen?
    Sorry, but we don’t have a community kitchen for our guests to use. We offer the special full board menu, which also works for small budgets. All cabanas come with a small fridge. Mineral water is free of charge.
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