Welcome to Stay Golden

A small hotel located at a beautiful spot directly at the beach, surrounded by untouched nature, with brand new, tropical cabanas, a beach restaurant, a yoga shala with sea view and your passionate hosts Angie and Rihan
- thatโ€™s Stay Golden in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka.

Enjoy your stay

Find the hotel at an endless beach and surrounded by nature, still close to the town center of Arugam Bay. Stay at one of our 5 cabanas or 2 double rooms, all newly built in 2019.

In the mornings, wake up by the only sounds of waves rolling in and birds twittering. Treat yourself with fresh and healthy food at our beach restaurant.

Grab your surfboard to walk a couple of minutes at the beach to Main Point in order to feel the power of the ocean. As a beginner, rather take a surf lesson with one of our instructors to gain some experience.

Prepare your body and mind, for being and not only for surfing: Join a yoga class to heat up and calm down at our rooftop yoga shala with sea view.

Relax in the shade of our beach huts while enjoying a refreshing smoothie and watching the waves rolling in.

Discover nature on a safari tour at Kumana National Park or on a lagoon safari.

Experience the Sri Lankan island life with Stay Golden - as it's our pleasure to host you.

After more than four years of running the Hotel Stay Golden in Arugam Bay, Rihan fulfils his dream and reopens Stay Golden in summer 2019 at a new, perfectly situated spot at the beach of Arugam Bay. With his intention to connect what Arugam Bay is famous for, he designed the new Stay Golden Hotel.

Book your stay at the hotel now for your time off.


Stay Golden Restaurant, Arugam Bay